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Team visit was vital to the Seahawks’ selection of Darrell Taylor

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Vanderbilt v Tennessee Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The shutdown of pro days and team visits in mid-March derailed the NFL’s ability to have their teams visit with draft prospects in person, both on campus at pro days and in the team facility. The top-30 visits, in particular, are valuable because it allows a team doctor to take a first hand look at a prospect, and provide the personnel side with an in-house medical report on a player. This is particularly important with prospects who have an injury history.

For the most part, those team visits didn’t happen in 2020. However, before everything shut down five weeks ago, the Seahawks were able to get second-round pick Darrell Taylor to Seattle for a visit, GM John Schneider revealed in his day two press conference.

An in-house medical isn’t always a crucial part of the evaluation, but with a prospect like Taylor, it is. After the 2019 season ended, Taylor had surgery to repair a stress fracture in his shin, taking away his ability to participate at the Senior Bowl and the Scouting Combine. He played the entire season with the injury, totaling 8.5 sacks while playing through the pain.

The Seahawks, comfortable in their evaluation of the prospect and his health, were able to strike in round two and add the pass rusher. The visit Taylor was able to take to Seattle, in part, helped to make him a Seahawk.