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Watch highlights of new Seahawks tight end Colby Parkinson

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NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks entered the 2020 draft with five tight ends, and they left with seven.

It’s going to be a summer with plenty of TE cuts, because they won’t keep more than five (and probably not even five), as scared as the front office might be of a 2019 deja vu.

Earning a fourth-round selection, new addition from Stanford Colby Parkinson enters the conversation as the fourth TE, but is probably a lock to make the roster for a particular reason.

He’s the tallest guy on the team.

Seattle now has two players that are 6’7”, Parkinson and tackle Chad Wheeler.

What’s more, Parkinson has a similar skill set and use of former Seattle Seahawk legend scapegoat misunderstood hero tight end Jimmy Graham. Incidentally, Graham was also 6’7” himself.

Specifically, Parkinson is a red-zone maniac and has the height and hands to do it. Field Gull’s Alistair Corp noted in his preview piece:

Parkinson can immediately find a role in the red zone, where his tremendous size, catch radius, body control and hand strength will provide Russell Wilson with an excellent target to get the ball in the paint. The offense needed a receiver to win above the rim consistently, and they got one—it just happens to be at tight end.

Here’s the tape to back it up:

Say what you want about the era of Jimmy Graham, but two things are undeniable.

1) At the peak of his connection with (2017), Jimmy Graham was the best red zone receiver in the NFL. Since I know you won’t click the link, 10 TDs on 24 targets is insanity.

2) The Seahawks didn’t really have much of that threat before Graham and they certainly haven’t had it since. Even if Metcalf becomes better at a goal-line fade, fades suck and Metcalf will be drawing elite corners. Parkinson won’t, and he’s got three inches on even Metcalf.

Seattle has already put out their own one-minute highlight reel of Parkinson. I believe all but three of his receptions involve him getting vertical.

Parkinson’s absolutely worth a roster slot even if it’s the hope that he develops into the primary TE2 in the red zone. The Seahawks simply don’t have a similar weapon and Russell Wilson has proven he knows how to use one.