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Happy birthday, Kam Chancellor! An appreciation thread

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Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos

Today is Kam Chancellor’s 32nd birthday, and I figured the best way to celebrate the man who delivered much of the “BOOM” in Legion of Boom is to showcase some of his legendary highlights.

On Twitter I shared his underrated but decidedly violent bodyslam of Cleveland Browns running back Montario Hardesty. This was from that wretched 2011 game that ended 6-3 Cleveland, but this hit was a preview of greater things to come from both Kam and the Seahawks defense as a whole.

The following season, he had “the hit” on Vernon Davis that announced the Seahawks’ arrival as a force to be reckoned with. I do not care that he was flagged for this play, because it was super awesome to watch it live.

Sure enough, the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl in 2013, and Chancellor was there to let Demaryius Thomas know that the Denver Broncos never stood a chance in hell of winning that night.

But it wasn’t all about big hits from the big strong safety. The only touchdown of his NFL career came against the Carolina Panthers in the 2014 season (2014 NFC Divisional Round). Carolina had a slim chance of a shocking comeback, then Kam shut the door with a pick-six.

Chancellor’s holdout in 2015 drew a lot of attention, and the on-field results were noticeable. Dion Bailey was his fill-in on opening day and never made it to Week 2. DeShawn Shead fared better but there’s a reason why he moved to corner later on in his career. Kam came back in Week 3, and with the game on the line against the Detroit Lions in Week 4, he saved Seattle with a heroic goal-line punch that denied Calvin Johnson the likely winning score.

He would be called upon one more time in the playoffs, stripping Adrian Peterson in the 4th quarter of the 2016 NFC Wild Card game at the Minnesota Vikings. Seattle would kick the go-ahead field goal that would make up the final points of the contest.

As you all know, Chancellor was forced into retirement due to a career-ending neck injury in 2017. While he departed this sport far too soon, he left this franchise with memories to last a lifetime.

Use this post as your appreciation thread. Stories, GIFs, videos, pictures (don’t use gigantic dimensions), tributes, whatever you have, share them in the comments section.

Happy birthday, Kam!

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images