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Germain Ifedi is going to make far, far less than George Fant

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Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

That makes two Seattle Seahawks who have vastly undershot their original market expectations.

Germain Ifedi’s deal with the Chicago bears is a couple bucks north of the NFL league minimum.

There’s been some rumblings - and this contract would certainly seem to support the belief - that Ifedi didn’t make his decision based on money. He may have been looking for a different offensive line coach to help jumpstart his play back into a better future landing spot.

Also, there’s the change in position to consider.

Ifedi’s moving to a questionable franchise, taking an extraordinarily small deal, and moving from lucrative tackle to oft-not-paid guard, and only one year with his new coach Juan Castillo.

Meanwhile, the athlete who was on the bench behind Ifedi, George Fant, has $13.7 million guaranteed with the New York Jets.


To make things even more interesting, because Ifedi's contract with the Bears qualifies for the veteran salary benefit, it excludes the Seahawks from being eligible to receive a compensatory pick in the wake of his departure.

Even with his last move it seems Germain Ifedi has, once again, penalized the Seattle Seahawks.