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What the Seahawks look like using only their own draft picks

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are a couple of weeks removed from the 2020 NFL Draft, hard at work training their new recruits. Or whatever you call hosting Zoom meetings with Will Ferrell.

It was, in many respects, not the draft that Seahawks fans were expecting, which makes it exactly the draft that Seattle fans should have expected.

The Seahawks surprised with the positions they took, with the selections up top, in not drafting a wide receiver, and in not trading down at all.

It’s a trend that’s making more than a few fans weary. Fans have continued to call into question the validity of GM John Schneider’s draft strategy.

Football minds have notoriously long memories, and can tend to be a bit grumpy. When a season doesn’t go well, we blame the coach. When a portion of the franchise doesn’t perform well, we blame the coordinator. When a loss is by three or less points we blame the kicker Pete Carroll’s time out usage.

When basically any of the above happens, it’s easy to blame the draft.

So I took the trouble of putting together the 2020 All-Draft Seahawks roster. The goal is primarily to evaluate what the team would look like if they trotted out exclusively their own home-grown talent. The discrepancies would hope to show how many trades and veterans Seattle has to use to cope with draft deficiencies.

The roster comes with one exception - we’re not replacing Duane Brown. Brown gets to be the only traveler because he’s the stoic co-leader of the offense, he’s still really good, and the Seahawks have not drafted any tackles in five years besides Jamarco Jones. There’s no replacement now that George Fant has proven once and for all he’s 8.3 times more valuable than Germain Ifedi.

Seattle Seahawks All-Draft Team


LT: Duane Brown
LG: Phil Haynes
C: Joey Hunt
RG: Damien Lewis
RT: Jamarco Jones

WR1: Tyler Lockett
WR2: DK Metcalf
WR3: John Ursua or David Moore

TE1: Will Dissly
TE2: Luke Willson or Colby Parkinson
RB1: Chris Carson
RB2: Rashaad Penny

QB: Russell Wilson


Defensive Line: L.J. Collier, Jarran Reed, Rasheem Green, Darrell Taylor, Shaquem Griffin, Poona Ford

LB: Bobby Wagner, Cody Barton, Jordyn Brooks/K.J. Wright

CB: Shaquill Griffin, Tre Flowers

S: Marquise Blair, Ugo Amadi

Special Teams

Michael Dickson is awesome.

Other than that they could never draft a kicker in my life team and it would be great. Nobody cares.


After five years, an average of two players per team are with the same organization that drafted them. To their credit, Hunt is still here, and Seattle did every imaginable act on planet earth to make C.J. Prosise part of that club as well. Reed is also on his second contract, and if we add them to Wilson and Wagner then the Seahawks have retained more draft picks long-term than league average.

That was a lot of words that don’t mean much.

To the point: is this team any good?

Well, yeah...because Russell Wilson.

Besides that, putting it on paper was interesting in what it revealed. Seattle has not had anything resembling sustained success in drafting either sides of the line. Hunt has been the only offensive starter, and it was due to an unfortunate injury situation. Reed and Ford have played well defensively. However, Reed missed half a season and Ford wasn’t drafted, so even those guys come with asterisks.

Beyond that, the All-Draft team looks strangely similar to how the real Seahawks looked last year.

  • Defensive line is incredibly suspect.
  • Corners would be exactly the same. The addition of Quinton Dunbar this year proves that Seattle was not satisfied with that being the case.
  • The Seahawks had three offensive lineman continue from 2013-14, and have had more turnover than that every season since. Four new starters on the line is annoying but would certainly not be new to this team.
  • The linebacker corps would get about nine years younger, significantly faster, have near-identical tackle skills, and at least as good at of projection at pass coverage. Carroll’s weird obsession with base defense has been covered ad nauseam, but yes, they were bad against the pass far too often. Barton projected well in coverage and held his own last year. 2018 Brooks is also apparently pretty good. Two years ago this group would have represented a big decline in skill, but it’s really hard to feel elite feelings about the 2020 versions of Wright and Kendricks.
  • The receivers are pretty nonexistent besides Lockett and Metcalf.
  • Also, who cares about the receivers besides Lockett and Metcalf?
  • The running backs are going to be the same because Seattle almost exclusively uses backs that they’ve drafted. Failed experiment Eddie Lacy is the lone exception, besides the almighty Beast Mode forever. After Penny the next two backs would also be draft selections, and they’ll probably all be on the roster.
  • The Seahawks are good at drafting tight ends?
  • Safety is one of the most intriguing groups here. It was Bradley McDougald and they-who-must-not-be-named for much of 2019. Thank the lord of Detroit for Quandre Diggs. I think Amadi has some skills and Blair is a stud, but we don’t really know because they were disallowed from seeing the field a befuddling amount. Seattle’s secondary players will have the unavoidable task of being compared to the Legion of Boom. Amadi will never be an Earl Thomas but Blair wants to hit like Kam Chancellor and I want to see if at least one of these two can ball out.
  • Wow they suck at drafting linemen.
  • Good thing Russell Wilson’s here.

It’s interesting comparing this to last year’s team, when checking the opposite sides of the ball. This roster would have six different starters or defensive line members on defense. However, it would be exactly the same on offense with a complete turnover on the line.

I’d give this team a couple less wins than last season, and am very glad it’s not what they’re rolling with this year. An even worse pass rush and an even worse offensive line does not a winning team make.

Whatever the case, the Seahawks have a lot of hits in a lot of positions. Maybe they should stop drafting linemen altogether and just rent them.

Oh wait, maybe that’s what they were doing this entire time.