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Seahawks slated to lead NFL through the air in 2020

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Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With the release of the 2020 NFL Schedule this past Thursday, fans across the NFL have marked their calendars with the closest games in preparation for possibly attending those games in the fall. Of course, whether there are games and whether there will be fans at those games remain key questions to which no one has any kind of answer at the moment, and which likely won’t be known for several more months at a minimum.

Assuming things turn out well enough that the NFL is able to play its games without needing to resort to some sort of biodome quarantine version of the season where players and coaches spend the season on a sort of modified lockdown, the Seattle Seahawks are set to lead the league in air travel in 2020.

Of the Seahawks eight road games, five will be played in the Eastern Time Zone, including trips to face the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons. The Seattle to Miami trip is, outside of any teams heading across the pond to London to play, the longest possible distance for an NFL team to travel to face an opponent.

The Seahawks other road games, the three divisional matchups against the Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers will all take place on normal Pacific Time for the team, unless the NFL calendar gets pushed back by a week or more. The Seahawks and Cardinals are scheduled to face off on October 25, which is the last Sunday before clocks are moved back an hour at 2 AM on November 1 (Author’s note: Yes, this means there is the potential for an extra hour of partying on Halloween this year).

In any case, the Seahawks are slated to once again be doing a lot of traveling to the eastern portions of the country, which will potentially make it easier for fans on the opposite side of the country to attend games. At the same time, the Seahawks might be at a disadvantage in comparison to the other NFC West teams, which are all set to travel quite a bit, but just not quite as much as the Hawks. However, if, has been proposed by some, California teams relocate for the season and play elsewhere, the amount the Rams and 49ers travel could be reduced, while the amount the Seahawks travel could actually increase.

With no control over how much the Seahawks will be traveling, it’s obviously not worth spending too much time worrying over. However, it is something to keep in mind as the season grinds along, as those long return flights from the East Coast aren’t fun, especially once teams get deep into the season.