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Cam Newton rumors continue to drift towards the Seahawks

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks have technically not needed a backup quarterback since they drafted Russell Wilson.

Wilson’s never missed an NFL game. He’s only ever missed two practices - both for funerals. While he has left a game before, it was only to return a couple of snaps later to play through an injury that generally sidelines people for weeks.

Russell Wilson is probably invincible, but it doesn’t mean the Seahawks would ever go without a backup. His stability does, however, mean that Seattle feels confident carrying only two QBs on the roster, as opposed to some teams that keep three.

Which makes it amusing that the player currently rumored for that spot carries the nickname of Superman. Yes, the same Cam Newton, released this year by the Carolina Panthers.

It’s a rumor that gained some traction a week ago but has stubbornly not gone away, including reports as recent as May 12 that Newton would indeed spend time on the bench.

You know, like with the towel on his head.

Jeremy Fowler and Field Yates of ESPN also both re-attached Cam Newton’s name to the Seattle Seahawks in a recent offseason reflection.

Obviously Jameis Winston’s recent $1.1 million base deal with the New Orleans Saints has had no small part to play in these speculations. Hope for a similar type of contract has swirled around the Twithawk (did I do that right?).

Frankly, I have no idea what the cheapest contract in NFL history is for a former MVP. Now that we’re allowed to go outside and hike in the state of Washington, I’m not going to look it up. The Seahawks don’t have very much money left so it would have to be on the cheap.

But it would be pretty wild to have Cam Newton in Seattle, towering over Russell Wilson as he takes second-team reps.

It would absolutely not be a quarterback battle or controversy, nor would it be very likely that the Seahawks would immediately implement wildcat and New Orleans’ Taysom Hill nonsense. Brian Schottenheimer has a hard enough time running the ball consistently as it is.

Maybe he could help show Wilson how Greg Olsen likes his seam routes.