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Chris Simms says Deshaun Watson has better deep ball than Russell Wilson

Annual NFL League Meeting Photo by B51/Mark Brown/Getty Images

If you’re sick of reading this stuff, we’re sick of writing it.

Christopher David Simms is a former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League. He also now receives US currency to give thoughts and opinions about football-related ideas.

Over the course of his eight years in the NFL, the 2003 third round pick started as many career games as Russell Wilson has in each and every regular season of the first eight years of his career.

He also just said this:

Those who aren’t even diehard Seattle Seahawk homers immediately chimed in.

It’s yet another massive oversight to Wilson’s career accomplishment that brings no explanation other than media pundits are simply refusing to watch Seattle games. Maybe they were all offended when Richard Sherman said he’s better at life than Skip Bayless and they decided to quit the PNW altogether.

Beyond that, it’s getting a bit ridiculous. I mean it’s been ridiculous for years now, but this is a category that only has two possible answers, if you’re actually talking about the “NOW” that is mentioned in Simm’s graphic.

Patrick Mahomes has made some frankly ridiculous long range throws over the past two seasons, but this arena is Russell Wilson’s at the moment.

But this is journalism, and I’m not allowed to simply tell you what a deranged and half-inebriated monkey could figure out by watching 5 minutes of NFL clips.

Here’s some numbers.

The highlighted category above is Completed Air Yards, which is the total distance the ball traveled in the air after passing the line of scrimmage and before being caught by a receiver. Wilson was fourth last year, with Watson ninth and nearly three hundred yards behind. Twenty completions with a difference of only five to ten yards still doesn’t get you to that discrepancy, so these aren’t coming from a bunch of check-downs.

The most recent omissions of Russell Wilson by Chris Simms and the other idiot who did the top-10 QB-WR list are also massively offensive to Tyler Lockett. The fact that Lockett is consistently at the top of the NFL in deep receptions should point to....something about Russell Wilson and deep passes?

Also, for those that read these things kind of quickly I’ll say it again.

Tyler Lockett is not near the top of the NFL in deep receptions.

He is the top.


The National Football League includes the entire nation, not just the territories east of Texas.

Normally I just say ‘oh well’ at the end of these things and some platitude about how athletes don’t check their own media.

This year, with Lockett and DK Metcalf and a yet-questionable defense, I’m hoping Russell Wilson is aware of these blubbering mouthpieces with no creativity in their writing whatsoever. I’m completely here for Wilson calling an extra play action 45 yard toss audible per game this year. Maybe one day he’ll actually do something of significance like outplay Deshaun Watson in a ridiculously pass-heavy and high scoring shootout.

Who are we kidding?

These are the Seattle Seahawks.