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Adam Schefter: The Browns have offered Jadeveon Clowney the most money

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NFL: OCT 13 Seahawks at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As Jadeveon Clowney’s free agency approaches its fourth month, we appear to be no closer to a conclusion.

The star pass rusher remains on the open market, with updates few and far between at this stage of the offseason. However, Wednesday brought about a bit of news that wasn’t yet publicly known—and added some clarity as to why Clowney remains a free agent.

Appearing on ESPN Cleveland, Adam Schefter said the Browns have been the most aggressive in the pursuit of Clowney, explaining that they had offered Clowney the most money up to this point. Jake Trotter of ESPN had the full quote from Schefter:

As Schefter went on to say, there could be a number of reasons as to why Clowney hasn’t taken a deal from Cleveland, be it a lack of faith in a perennially dysfunctional franchise or an unwillingness to play in the city.

Regardless of the reasoning behind Clowney’s decision, as it stands, it doesn’t seem like the Browns are a contender for the defender’s services despite having the highest offer on the table. And so, the Clowney saga drags on.