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Details of the contract Seahawks gave Carlos Hyde

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

When the Seattle Seahawks recently added free agent running back Carlos Hyde, after first flirting with Devonta Freeman, many fans were perplexed. They were confused as to how the team could afford $4M for a running back, but had yet to come to terms with a top tier veteran defensive end such as Jadeveon Clowney, Everson Griffen or Ziggy Ansah.

Now that the team has formally added Hyde to the roster, releasing offensive lineman Demetrius Knox in order to make room, the terms of Hyde’s contract with the Seahawks have become public.

Without question the following items will count against the cap:

  • Base salary: $1.5M
  • Signing bonus: $750k
  • Per game roster bonuses: $500k

All of those combine for a cap hit of at least $2.75M. The per game roster bonuses of $31,250 will all count against the cap sine Hyde was healthy and active for all 16 games in 2019. If he is not on the 47/48 man gameday roster for any of the Hawks 2020 contests, Seattle will receive a salary cap credit in 2021 of $31,250 per game Hyde was not active in 2020.

The additional $1.25M in incentives will come down to whether or not the incentives were something he reached last season. If none of the incentives will count against the cap, then Hyde’s cap hit would fall right in between the 2020 cap hits of Rashaad Penny ($2,936,028) and Chris Carson ($2,149,248). Once those specifics are known, Hyde’s 2020 cap hit can be calculated.