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Jadeveon Clowney makes it clear he remains open to a return to the Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It has now been multiple weeks since John Schneider and the Seahawks sparked excitement on a Sunday afternoon, releasing Justin Britt and D.J. Fluker and freeing up a considerable amount of cap space. While those transactions weren’t followed by a major, corresponding move, the money freed up may still go towards re-signing a key piece from a year ago.

Speaking at his training facility in Houston, Jadeveon Clowney provided updates on a couple things, including his health and his free agency, in what was his first public statement in months.

Most pertinent to Seattle was the love Clowney expressed for the Seahawks, his teammates, and the coaching staff, making it clear the door has not shut on a return on his end.

Clowney also acknowledged what we quickly came to learn upon the start of free agency: he is in no rush to sign with any team.

FOX 26 Houston’s Mark Berman wrapped up his Clowney updates with a bit of reporting on his free agency. According to Berman, the Titans, Eagles, Browns, and Ravens are interested in the free agent, in addition to Seattle.

While Clowney’s interview does provide some clarity to his situation and the Seahawks’ standing with him, it doesn’t make the finish line appear any closer. For Seattle and those waiting for a decision, it remains a waiting game.