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Seahawks 2020 schedule release: Rumors, leaks, Seahawks info, league-wide news, updates

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL regular season schedule is set to be released on Thursday, May 7th at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Roger Goodell is extra nice this offseason and has decided that teams can release their schedules a half-hour earlier, so we don’t have to sift through inane NFL Network babble.

Sensible people like us know that in this era of social media and insider sources who can spit things out like rapid fire, we are going to have many pieces of the puzzle filled out before the “official” release. If that sounds familiar, I’ve used this line in some form for two years running.

Anyway, this post contains everything from rumored dates and times across the league, any pertinent Seahawks news, strength-of-schedule, and more. When the Seahawks schedule is out, that will come in a separate article. We don’t even know if there will be a season due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the NFL is operating as if they’ll start on time.

Seahawks Opponents 2020


Arizona Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams

San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots

New York Giants

New York Jets


Arizona Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams

San Francisco 49ers

Atlanta Falcons

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

Philadelphia Eagles


Seahawks strength-of-schedule ranking

Seattle’s strength-of-schedule is tied for 13th toughest, with six games against 2019 playoff teams. This obviously doesn’t mean a whole lot because the New England Patriots were one of those playoff teams and they... changed a bit this offseason.

Seahawks confirmations, rumors, and leaks

Report: Seahawks vs. Vikings on Sunday Night Football - Week 6

Leak: Seahawks at 49ers in Week 17

NFL schedule confirmations, rumors, and leaks

Report: NFL will schedule NFC vs. AFC matchups for first four weeks (This turned out to be bogus)

Report: Bears at Packers on Sunday Night Football on 11/29

Report: Tom Brady’s Buccaneers debut will be at New Orleans Saints

Report: Texans at Chiefs to open 2020 NFL season

Report: Raiders at Panthers in Week 1

Report: Bucs at Giants on November 2nd, MNF

49ers at Jets in Week 2, Patriots at Jets on Monday Night Football on 11/9

Cowboys at Rams on Sunday Night Football, Week 1