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It’s that time of the offseason where we talk about the Seahawks running a faster offense

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A broken record must be playing somewhere in Seattle, because it’s time for the 2020 edition of “The Seahawks offense might play faster more proactively.”

It’s been a recurring theme to witness Russell Wilson usually operate at his best in uptempo, sometimes no-huddle situations, which has led to some heroic comeback wins and many more frustrating almost comebacks that have us wondering why they didn’t get into that sort of offense sooner.

Well guess what? We’re in the midst of another offseason in which potentially playing faster is under reported consideration. NFL Network insider Omar Ruiz dropped the knowledge earlier this week.

Via 710 ESPN Seattle:

“They are exploring ways to run that up-tempo-style of offense more often during games without changing their identity, which is one of the reasons they created a pass game coordinator, promoting former quarterbacks coach David Canales to that spot and promoting former offensive assistant and former Seahawks and Rams quarterback Austin Davis to the quarterbacks coach spot.”

He elaborated further on the Danny and Gallant Show on Friday about how the Seahawks may have finally rediscovered the value of not leaving it late like we saw for almost the entirety of 2019:

“I think the Seahawks have identified that they have someone who they believe is the best quarterback in the NFL, and (are trying) to have him have even more of an impact on the game than he already does,” Ruiz said. “We know how great of command Russell has of the game throughout the entire fourth quarter, but let’s see if they can have let him have even more of an impact and that’s part of the reason why that they’ve created that pass game coordinator position for Dave Canales and they also have a run game coordinator position now too, with Brennan Carroll, Pete’s son, to see if they can make more of an impact there with that up-tempo style of play without changing their identity in that kind of run-first offense that (head coach Pete Carroll) has always been known for and will continue to believe in.”

The 2019 pace stats show that the Seahawks were among the slowest-paced 1st half teams but just outside the top ten in the 2nd half, and believe it or not their 20th overall ranking was an improvement from 2018. Way back in Russell Wilson’s rookie season, they were dead last in pace, but in 2017 they were 9th and not coincidentally that was the year the running game collapsed.

This has been a talking point since at least 2017, so we might as well keep going until they actually pull this off. Pete Carroll himself said that they’ve been talking about it for years. The meaning of “uptempo” to Carroll could look something like the “Perry Como is still alive” sketch from SCTV.

“Let Russ Cook” has been the mantra within a segment of Seahawks fans, and at least making that adjustment would be a pleasant sight to see. No, this isn’t a call for the whole offense to be built like they’re always behind by two scores in the 4th quarter, but I sure as hell could do without the “control the clock, gather information” phase of the offense that often puts them in a hole they can’t dig themselves out of come playoff time.