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The most valuable Seahawks of the decade

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Cincinnati Bengals v Seattle Seahawks

While uncertainty still surrounds the 2020 NFL season, the league wrapped up its one hundredth season with the Super Bowl in February. In that game, the San Francisco 49ers were unable to hold a fourth quarter lead, losing the game to the Kansas City Chiefs and their young quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is, unquestionably, one of the best young players in the game, but when he went head to head against Russell Wilson late in the 2018 season it was Wilson who came out victorious.

With the decade having wrapped up, is now publishing the WAR (Wins Above Replacement) leaders for the decade for each team. Unsurprisingly, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback finds himself at the top of the list, while the next three names might be somewhat of a surprise to fans.

Behind Wilson the PFF methodology has Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin and Earl Thomas as the most valuable members of the Seahawks when it comes to WAR during the decade. No Bobby Wagner, Marshawn Lynch, Cliff Avril, K.J. Wright or any of the other names one might expect are there, largely because of the methodology PFF uses which places the most value on quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs as opposed to other positions.

In any case, while Sherman, Baldwin and Thomas have moved on, either to different teams or to retirement, if Wilson is indeed able to play into his mid forties as he has stated he would like to do, there’s a decent chance that he’ll be at the top of the list once again a decade from now.