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Enemy Reaction Throwback Edition: Seahawks 34 Saints 7 (2013)

New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I swear I’d done an Enemy Reaction for the Seattle Seahawks’ blowout win over the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football back in 2013. Upon further review, it looks like I gave it a skip and didn’t have the time to recap what stands out to me as one of the greatest wins not just of the Pete Carroll/Russell Wilson era, but Seahawks franchise history.

This was a heavily hyped primetime showdown between 10-1 Seattle and 9-2 New Orleans, with #1 seed implications at stake. Monday Night Football hadn’t seen a matchup this compelling on paper in more than 20 years, and it was expected that we’d see a great game.

Well... one team fulfilled that “great game” promise. And the fans at CenturyLink Field made a lot of noise too.

Looking at the box score, it’s unbelievable how easy this win was for the Seahawks. The defense only had one turnover forced, only one sack (that led to the turnover and the subsequent touchdown), but held the Saints to under 200 yards and under four yards per play.

As for the offense? It was one of Russell Wilson’s finest performances, and on a night when Marshawn Lynch was largely ineffective.

Here’s the overdue Enemy Reaction for Seahawks vs. Saints, with New Orleans fan reaction courtesy of Canal Street Chronicles.

Pre-Game: Suck my DVOA!

Drew Brees gets strip-sacked, Michael Bennett recovers and runs for a sexy touchdown (10-0 SEA)

Zach Miller wide open, slowly running for 60 yards (10-0 SEA)

Miller gets rewarded with a touchdown to extend Seattle’s lead (17-0 SEA)

After Richard Sherman personal foul, Jimmy Graham scores New Orleans’ only TD (17-7 SEA)

You do not Cover-0 blitz Russell Wilson (17-7 SEA)

Doug Baldwin is left alone for a touchdown (27-7 SEA)

Derrick Coleman catches the deflection for his first NFL touchdown (34-7 SEA Final)

Okay I obviously can’t end on that note with the Saints fans just checking out at this point. In steps Niners Nation with the meltdown!

Post-Game: Simply disgusting (Ricky Tiernan, Canal Street Chronicles)

First and foremost, I am a Saints fan. Always have been and aways will be. My faith is not shattered. I am also realistic. So don’t start with me about overreacting. You had to have seen the same game I did.

In what has to be the worst beatdown of the Saints in any game since the ‘Aints era of the franchise, the New Orleans Saints lost to the Seattle Seahawks 34-7 in Seattle on Monday Night Football.

If you were watching you might have been looking for the paper bag. It was awful. Embarrassing. It was simply disgusting. This team played like amateurs to a team most think will be your next Super Bowl champions. And Saints fans cannot argue this point.

Drew Brees, Darren Sproles, Marques Colston, Jimmy Graham: the stalwarts of the offense were non factors. The defense couldn’t stop Elmer Fudd. Malcolm Jenkins looked like Corey White. The Saints could have doubled their yardage and still not reached what the Seahawks accomplished (429 yards to the Saints 188).

One hundred forty-seven yards passing by Drew Brees. When did you last see that? Seven points scored by this offense. When did you last see that? The Saints got beat in every single aspect of this game by a large margin. It wasn’t even close.

Post-Game: Seahawks have all the answers (John Hendrix, Who Dat Dish)

Just when you think stopping Marshawn Lynch would be the end all be all, the Seahawks figure other ways to beat you. It was an impressive win for the team, and left little doubt that they should be the favored team in the NFC, and arguably for Super Bowl contender.

On defense, they took away any big play potential from the Saints. On offense, they were able to just keep moving the ball. Even when the Saints scored to cut the game to 17-7, they ended up scoring late, that essentially broke the Saints back. Being up 27-7 at the half, it was all but over.

In actuality, they may have played their Super Bowl on Monday Night. Only time will tell, however. But, respect where it is due, the better team won.

Hopefully you enjoyed that trip down memory lane. There’s more to come throughout the offseason. Our next Enemy Reaction will be a compilation of Seattle’s best trick plays and how they fooled and flummoxed the opposition.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!