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Eagles lose Brandon Brooks for the season

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

When/if the Seattle Seahawks play the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football this season, Philly will already be without one of its best offensive players.

Starting right guard Brandon Brooks unfortunately tore his Achilles during a workout at the Eagles’ NovaCare complex. I don’t think you need me to tell you that an injury of that nature is an instant season-ender.

Brooks is an extremely important part of Philadelphia’s offensive line — Pro Football Focus ranks him #1 among guards, if you really care about PFF grades at all — and this comes just months after he separated his shoulder the week before the Eagles’ playoff loss to the Seahawks.

In effect, this will make it the third straight game that the Eagles OL will be without Brooks against the Seahawks. Not only did he miss the playoff game and is set to miss this year’s regular season meeting, he only played 11 snaps in last year’s regular season encounter due to an anxiety-related illness.

Seattle’s pass rush combined for ten sacks in their two trips to Philly, although the cynic in me says that a lot of the sacks they managed in the playoff victory was just a 92-year-old Josh McCown scrambling his way into oncoming rushers for a short loss on the play.

This year’s edition of Seahawks at Eagles will be November 30th, one day after Russell Wilson’s 32nd birthday.