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Casual Friday: What are your favorite video games of all-time?

EA Sports Madden NFL 12 Photo Shoot Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images for EA Sports

(My choice of picture is solely to remind everyone that Peyton Hillis’ singular good year as an NFL running back netted him a spot on the Madden NFL 12 cover, via fan voting.)

For the rest of this offseason I’m going to designate Fridays as an open thread of sorts for non-football related topics of my choosing. We might as well start this week with something that ties into SB Nation’s theme week.

We are in the middle of video game week. Just a few days ago we had the PlayStation 5 reveal, along with the Madden NFL 21 trailer. I’ve already wasted no time firing off sheer disrespect because I’m one of those people who’s still bitter about the death of the NFL 2K franchise.

Anyway, let’s have a little chat about our favorite video games from past and present.

I am not a hardcore gamer, but at the moment I’m indulging in some Football Manager 2020, and after months of learning the ins and outs of managing a soccer team, I believe I am qualified to run Manchester United. I’ll be submitting my CV shortly, and I’ll get back to you all if/when I get the job.

As a child I played a lot of computer games — I’m a 90s kid, so you better believe Humongous Entertainment was a daily part of my life — and had my trusty Nintendo 64. I’ll go to my grave arguing that The World Is Not Enough was better than GoldenEye, although both games are super enjoyable to play. As a sports fan I gravitated towards just about anything sports related — Madden, NBA Live, Backyard Football, Backyard Soccer, you name it, I played it. On the non-sports front, I absolutely loved Wolfenstein 3D and actually got around to playing it again once I figured out A.) How to be good at the game and B.) How to follow the walkthroughs on YouTube. I also really took a liking to the Mario Party series, with Super Smash Bros not too far behind.

So now it’s your turn. Share your favorite video games, stories, and explain in great detail why Michael Vick in Madden 04 was the greatest video game characters of all-time.