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Seahawks Chris Carson hires new representation

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

As a unique NFL offseason makes it way through June without organized team activities that would normally bring news to keep fans occupied, the news from around the league has been rather sparse. There have been players who have tested positive for coronavirus, the NFC West teams are in a contest to see whose young receiving threats can suffer the most Jones fractures and players have voiced their support for the rallies and protests taking place across the country. In some news that actual has a somewhat tangential bearing on the Seattle Seahawks, star running back Chris Carson has changed representation per a report from the Sports Business Journal.

As noted, Carson will now be represented by Octagon, after previously having been a client of Dream Point Sports. Of note, of course, is that entering the fourth season of his career, Carson is extension eligible after having played his way into a raise this season by reaching the playing time requirements of the Proven Performance Escalator contained within the collective bargaining agreement.

Whether this change was made by Carson in order to kickstart talks on a contract extension that would keep him in Seattle going forward, or whether he simply decided that he wanted new representation we may not know. In any case, Carson has new agents working for him, and whether this translates into a contract extension in the coming weeks or months remains to be seen.