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Quinton Dunbar-DeAndre Baker armed robbery case: Two witnesses say Baker never pulled a gun

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

If you’d forgotten about Quinton Dunbar over the last month, it’s hardly unreasonable. Dunbar was originally accused of armed robbery at the side of New York GiantsDeAndre Baker, before things got weird. Meanwhile, the rest of the world news has overshadowed whether the newest trade asset for the Seattle Seahawks did (or did not) rob people at gunpoint (or not at gunpoint) a party he was (or was not) attending.

But Dunbar and Baker are back in the news.

Here’s a short clip for those interested in a breakdown of the latest updates on Dunbar’s legal situation:

For those of you who skipped right to the next paragraph: on June 23rd TMZ reported that two witnesses have now come forward to claim that DeAndre Baker never pulled a gun at the alleged incident in Miramar, Florida.

Whereas once both players and a third individual all allegedly participated equally in the May robbery, eventually allegations became that only Baker wielded a weapon while Dunbar may have had one on his person. Baker’s lawyer originally claimed that he was actually playing Madden at the time of the robbery, which would certainly make it all the more impressive if he had simultaneously brandished a pistol and stole $70,000.

Dunbar, on the other hand, was identified by multiple witnesses before five of them signed sworn affidavits a week later stating that he was not involved in the robbery in any way.

At this point, in terms of Quinton Dunbar seeing the field for the Seahawks, all news seems to be good news. That is, that none of it makes any sense and it will be extraordinarily difficult to take any of this to trial with hopes of prosecution without more evidence.

Head coach Pete Carroll was optimistic in an interview this week and was on the verge of saying too much about Dunbar’s situation:

“It seems like things are taking a, you know– I shouldn’t even say– I don’t even know. We are following along with him. He is back and participating with us and focusing real well. We’ll see what happens with that.”

This case remains clear as mud, which in all likelihood is good news for those hoping to see Dunbar play if there’s a season this year opposite Shaquill Griffin.