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Quinton Dunbar permitted to travel to Seattle for Seahawks training camp

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In our Tuesday update on Quinton Dunbar, following the addition of a second lawyer to his defense in an alleged armed robbery case, we noted that Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker had been permitted to travel to New York from Florida. Presumably, that meant when it came time to do so, Dunbar would be allowed to make the trip to Seattle for training camp.

Now, that has been confirmed. On Friday, The Athletic’s legal analyst Daniel Wallach shared that Dunbar had asked permission from the courts to travel to Washington and the motion was unopposed. Dunbar’s team added that Baker, in a similar situation, had already been granted permission to travel out of state.

If Seahawks training camp does start on time, at the end of July, Dunbar will be present and participating after also being involved in the team’s virtual offseason. His continued involvement with the team and familiarity with the kick-step technique will be crucial as he transitions to a new team, should he be a part of the defense in 2020.

So, while Dunbar’s legal situation remains murky—and perhaps even more so following the developments earlier this week—the cornerback is on track to be with his teammates if and when training camp begins in late July.