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Quinton Dunbar’s defense attorneys withdraw from case, are replaced

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A potential bombshell in Quinton Dunbar’s alleged armed robbery case dropped on Friday, in the form of a New York Daily News report claiming the existence of video evidence and more that shows witnesses being paid off. Within the report, by Pat Leonard, it claims that the payoff occurred at the office of Michael Grieco, who at the time was serving as Quinton Dunbar’s lawyer.

Not anymore.

On Monday, The Athletic’s legal analyst Daniel Wallach shared documents showing that Dunbar’s defense attorneys had withdrawn from his case and were replaced by new counsel. Upon taking on Dunbar’s case, his new attorneys served discovery requests for all evidence the prosecution has against Dunbar.

As Wallach notes, Grieco has been implicated in a scheme to bribe witnesses, which would have certainly complicated his involvement in Dunbar’s defense moving forward. Grieco issued a statement on the decision.

Earlier last week, prior to the Friday report of bribery, Dunbar had added a second lawyer to his defense team as well.

Dunbar’s status moving forward, both legally and as far as the 2020 season goes, has certainly become more complicated. Though the cornerback did receive permission last week to fly to Seattle for training camp, the Seahawks may instruct him to stay in Florida as the legal proceedings play out.

That is, of course, if he is still on Seattle’s roster by the time training camp begins.