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Casual Friday: Where in the world is the Field Gulls community?

NFL: OCT 14 International Series - Seahawks at Raiders Photo by Martin Leitch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s time for another Casual Friday offseason chat, which hopefully we won’t have to do but for a few more weeks until this unusual NFL season finally kicks off.

Field Gulls is a Seattle Seahawks site and indeed a few of our writers past and present live in the Seattle area. As such we often gear our writing towards making Seattle specific references and usually marking all important time-related info in pacific time zone.

But Field Gulls is one big global community and I’m well aware that we have Seahawks fans in Brazil, Germany, and Japan who are commenting on this site right now. We come from different walks of life but share a common trait of watching our favorite NFL team try and scare us to death most Sundays of every fall and winter.

So to put it simply - where the hell is everybody?

You don’t have to be heavily detailed as to where you are right now (e.g. if you live in Maryland you don’t have to specify the city) but feel free to chime in and we can get a clearer picture of just how expansive the Seahawks fanbase (and Field Gulls readership) is.

I currently reside just outside of Portland, Oregon and have done so since November of 2017. However, the longest stretch of my life in any single place was just north of Seattle in a small town called Lynnwood. Perhaps fittingly, the year that I moved to Washington was also the year the Seahawks went to their first Super Bowl. Rather annoyingly, my first year out of Washington was also the year they won the Super Bowl, so I never got to be a part of any local celebrations.

And for any of our readers who are Seahawks fans and have never so much as stepped foot in the state of Washington, what gravitated you towards becoming a fan of the team?