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Teams will be given 2 options in cut down from 90 players to 80

NFL: Seattle Seahawks-Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more unfortunate adjustments the NFL is making in an effort to conduct training camp in a safer manner is to limit preseason roster sizes to 80, rather than 90 players. While an understandable decision, it will see hundreds of players lose their jobs just as they would be beginning camp to win a roster spot for the coming season.

On Friday, the NFL and NFLPA executive committee finalized all the major parts of their plan to return to facilities, which included details on how the roster cuts would happen. According to Lindsay Jones of The Athletic, teams will be given a choice of two options to cut from 90 players to 80.

The first would see a team make their cuts before veterans report to training camp. For the Seattle Seahawks, that would mean 10 players would need to be released before Tuesday.

The second option, and certainly the more ideal route if plausible, is to trim the roster to 80 by August 16. That date is significant because August 17 is the first day that teams can practice in pads. However, this option can/would only be pursued if the team intends to split up their roster.

The training camp days leading up to August 16 consist of virtual meetings, physicals, and strength and conditioning work. While those extra days may not help the decision making process to get down to 80 players, teams will certainly prefer to take that option.

Whether it is with 90 players or 80, the Seahawks are set to report to training camp in a matter of days.