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Seahawks among teams still awaiting approval from NFLPA on COVID-19 plans


The NFLPA has been reviewing and approving each team’s emergency plan for COVID-19 response. As of now, the Seattle Seahawks have not yet been cleared and will be one of the last teams to gain approval.

This is simply the proposal put forth by each franchise under the latest agreement for how to identify, isolate, treat, and protect players and coaches. It also details how they will disinfect and take preventative measures at their facilities and during practice.

It appears like a random assortment of teams have yet to be approved, and likely has to do with the clarity or expediency with which the proposals were submitted.

However, many of the United States’ current hotspots are represented in the teams waiting, which may have to do with those states’ governments themselves imposing more complicated restrictions or loopholes. Arizona, Texas, and California have been some of the biggest offenders in virus numbers this month, so it is unsurprising to see at least a team from each state. Washington also changed some of its preventative measures under Governor Jay Inslee last week, which may have an effect as well.

Each team will need to have their Infectious Disease Emergency Plan approved before being permitted to play.