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Russell Wilson ranks ahead of Patrick Mahomes as Seahawks score huge in NFL Top 100

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The NFL Network just finished powering through their top 100 list this week. The rankings have been coming out slowly, starting back on July 26th. The Seattle Seahawks have shown they do indeed have contender-level top talent, as they finish with six of the league’s best players. Seven if Jadeveon Clowney returns.

The best part of this list by far is it’s supposedly voted on by the players. Which means the likes of Bill Barnwell and Chris Simms can stay at home and not bother us with their hot garbage.

The first player announced was 7th round RB Chris Carson, at 96th.

DK Metcalf demonstrated his rookie year was absolutely noticed outside of Seattle, as he surpassed even Carson to land at 81st after just one season.

Tyler Lockett would be the one on this list I think has an argument for higher, as he comes in at 65th. However, it does seem like wide receivers in particular have had an issue with this list, because, well, they’re receivers.

Jadeveon Clowney - in hey look, a Seahawks uniform! - smashes his way ON ONLY 3.0 SACKS to 41st. This comes after injury noticeably affected his play in the second half of the season

New hero Jamal Adams shows at the very least he was worth giving up more than what Seattle traded to get Clowney, as he’s the highest safety in the NFL, ranked 27th.

Bobby Wagner doing Bobby Wagner things, getting one of the best defensive ratings in the entire NFL. He’s at 13th.

But most importantly - at long last, Russell Wilson earned some very significant and well-deserved national attention. He finished as the second best player in the NFL Network Top 100, behind only Lamar Jackson.

Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes, meanwhile, finished fourth.

The total list for the Seahawks is as follows:

  • Russell Wilson: 2
  • Bobby Wagner: 13:
  • Jamal Adams: 27
  • Jadeveon Clowney: 41
  • Tyler Lockett: 65
  • DK Metcalf: 81
  • Chris Carson: 96

This means that Seattle has the second-highest rated quarterback, highest-rated linebacker, and highest-rated safety in this list. Wilson is the second highest rated offensive player and Wagner is the third highest rated defensive player.

It’s an impressive showing, nothing to sneeze at. Fascinating that if Seattle was to retain Clowney, this arbitrary ranking would feel a little similar to the roster makeup of the 2013 era.

Russell Wilson, then several defensive superstars, followed by some offensive weapons. It’s close, but a little more balanced, as we’d need to trade the two receivers for another couple defensive players and keep the running back.

The NFL top 100 is also another player-voted indicator that the NFC West is far, far removed from the laughing stock it was a decade ago. All four teams will have a member in the top-10. Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams, George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers, and DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals all join Wilson in the top 10.

No other division can make such a claim this year.