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July 4th open thread: What’s on the menu today?

Colorado Rockies Opening Day

Happy 4th of July from Field Gulls!

It feels like it’s taken an eternity to even get to this part of the year, but we have finally reached Independence Day in the United States. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “normal” celebrations in the form of extremely large public gatherings are strongly discouraged if not outright banned. We still get fireworks shows and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, so not everything is disappearing for the year.

I didn’t do a Casual Friday yesterday because I decided that today would be the off-topic open thread. July 4th is normally a time to eat, eat, and eat some more. Hot dogs, barbecue ribs, brisket (my personal favorite), and hamburgers aplenty are consumed.

I’m not normally a big holiday celebration guy, but I think I’ll be enjoying some burgers and fries with my dad. I usually add in cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, and some BBQ sauce in mine. I’m no one’s idea of an expert on seasoning or anything to do with cuisine, but I highly recommend using McCormick Garlic, Herb, Black Pepper & Sea Salt for seasoning meat.

Feel free to share your plans and then angrily debate whether Dick’s and Five Guys are both better than In-N-Out, as is customary on Seahawks Twitter. Alternatively you can debate the merits of a hot dog being a sandwich.

Have a good holiday! Be safe and don’t be stupid.