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Seahawks offer refunds for 2020 season tickets

NFL: DEC 22 Cardinals at Seahawks Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL has officially created an opt-out for the 2020 season.

Well, not for athletes, for fans.

And the league didn’t do it either, but teams are starting to provide the option for their fans. The Seattle Seahawks sent out an email on Thursday that they are providing several different options regarding current season ticket holders.

Basically for those interested in cashing out on this year but keeping their spot available for next year they’ve got that ability.

I am particularly fond of the “Wait and See” option, as it signals a change in corporations nationwide that’s long overdue. Too many times have I tried “Wait and See” on things like paying for dinner, taking a final, or whether a certain berry is poisonous, and been ridiculed or denied. Hopefully this cultural shift gains popularity soon as I have a mortgage I’d like to Wait and See about paying this year.

It’s the latest in a week that feels a bit like mid-March when the entire sports world crumbled before our eyes in a manner of days. NCAA, MLB, NBA, and now the NFL have all had snags or bizarre rules come out in their attempt to restart everything.

Then of course there’s always the former San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh approach, which is, um, optimistic?

Famed epidemiologist and renowned accomplisher of long-range goals* Jim Harbaugh believes that since sports did not cause COVID it cannot make them worse.
*Harbaugh has yet to head coach longer than four years

Sports also did not cause my betting problem, probably.

Anyway, the news keeps streaming, and opinions abound. We’d love to hear from you, how have the last couple of months shaped your level of confidence regarding professional football come September?


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