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Casual Friday: What are you binge watching?

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 9 Premiere - Arrivals Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This is the final Casual Friday of the offseason! Thanks for participating in what amounts to leisurely chat. It’s a nice break from arguing over the merits of the Seattle Seahawks throwing the ball a couple more times.

Binge watching has been a popular thing to do even before this COVID-19 pandemic led to Netflix subscriptions soaring through the roof. One could say that one of the great advancements in media consumption is that you no longer have to watch your favorite show on television at the specific timeslot on whatever network. On-demand streaming services, DVR, they have all come to the rescue so that we can watch everything whenever the hell we want to.

I have resisted the urge to binge watch because I don’t usually have the time to do that, but I’ve made an exception for season ten of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Yeah it ended months ago but I’m only catching up now, hence binge watching! I’ve got three episodes to go and I’m enjoying it immensely and can’t wait for season eleven. I’m a bit behind on the show as a whole so I’ve got plans to binge watch previous seasons. I’d pay an obscene amount of money for a compilation of outtakes from every season, especially knowing how much improvisation is done on set.

Anyway, it’s your turn! Gimme your binge watching list so I can figure out what to copy and then subsequently add to my own binge watch list.