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Seattle Seahawks opponents suffer early injuries and opt-outs

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last year saw a brutal finish to the season as the Seattle Seahawks ended the year with many recognizable names injured.

Early into 2020 training camp, not only have the Seahawks avoided any significant injuries, but many opponents have suffered various losses.

First up for Seattle in 2020 are the Atlanta Falcons, who remain largely untouched. After that, however, the Hawks will take on teams that have, at the very least, made the news through one player or another.

Week 2 - New England Patriots. The Patriots are the biggest participants by a mile in the league’s new COVID-19 opt-out plan. They’ll be without defensive standout Dont’a Hightower and a handful of other players this year.

Week 3 - Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys just lost (and then waived) DT Gerald McCoy to a season-ending quad injury. McCoy, who was a hot-cake of interest for the Seahawks this year and last year, is a six-time Pro Bowler. He’s never failed to record less than five sacks since he started that run in 2012, and all this as an interior tackle. The loss is significant.

Week 4 - Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins lost a guy you may not have heard of, but is a good defensive player. Linebacker Vince Biegel has bounced around in his three NFL seasons, but Miami really liked him, and he was fully expected to start for them this year. He had just transitioned from a special teams player and was potentially the Dolphins most effective pass rusher, even as a linebacker. He led the team with 13 QB hits in only 10 starts last year. Biegel tore his achilles and will be out for the year.

Week 5 - Minnesota Vikings. Rumor is that the Vikings still plan to start Kirk Cousins so that’s a loss there to be sure.

Drop down to Week 9 and we’ve got the Buffalo Bills. The Bills did have starting DT Star Lotulelei opt-out this year, which is meaningful in and of itself. However the Bills are also on here because all-world CB Josh Norman just hurt his hamstring. Apparently he intercepted QB Josh Allen - a normal thing to do - and then had the ball stripped by WR Stefon Diggs - less normal.

Yes, it’s August, and they don’t play until Week 9, but Buffalo already declared Norman out indefinitely, which is a little odd. At the very least he’ll be slowed in practicing with his new team and may be limited early in the season. Hamstrings can linger so time will tell on this one.

Week 12 - Philadelphia Eagles. Starting guard Brandon Brooks tore his achilles earlier this offseason (well before training camp) and while he has a chance to return this year, November seems really unlikely to for him to return and play.

Week 14 - New York Jets. The Jets will be playing the 2020 season without Jamal Adams.

Also the linebacker who is to blame if you don’t like how much Seattle paid Bobby Wagner opted out this year. New York won’t have CJ Mosley, who made the Pro Bowl in four out of six seasons. That defense just took a massive step backwards.

As training camp progresses, the Seahawks seem to be in the normal NFL rhythm of dings and bruises and of yet have sustained no devastation. It would be nice to flip last year’s script, especially among the offensive players, and face some teams a little closer to full strength.