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Garbage time touchdown by Falcons denies Seahawks an opening day Scorigami

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Not a whole lot went wrong for the Seattle Seahawks against the Atlanta Falcons, but one of the things they (aka “we”) cherish so dearly under Pete Carroll is the unique ability to win games by scorelines previously never seen before in NFL history. Need I remind you...

2010: Seahawks 36 Cardinals 18

2011: Seahawks 36 Giants 25

2012: Seahawks 58 Cardinals 0

2013: Seahawks 43 Broncos 8 (Super Bowl champions!)

2014: Seahawks 36 Packers 16

2015: Seahawks 39 Steelers 30

2016: Seahawks 37 49ers 18

2017: Seahawks 46 Colts 18

2018: Seahawks 43 49ers 16

When Carlos Hyde scored the game-clinching touchdown to put Seattle up 38-18, Scorigami was in sight. Seattle went the whole of 2019 without Scorigami for the first time ever under Carroll. No NFL game had ever ended 38-18 before and all the Seahawks needed to do was not let the Falcons score in garbage time and it would’ve been another mission accomplished.

They failed.

In case you’re wondering, 38-25 has happened twice before; most recently in 2016 when the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. If the Falcons had somehow scored a touchdown after the onside kick recovery to make it 38-32, that wouldn’t have been a Scorigami either.

I’m just amazed that this was set to be the 4th Scorigami for the Seahawks in which their opponents were held to just 18 points, but the prevent defense ultimately prevented another textbook Seahawks Scorigami.

Some people pay attention to garbage time points because of the point spread. Others pay attention because of the over/under total. These people are all Al Michaels. Scorigami watch was on and sadly Seattle’s defense let us down.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to recover from such a failure.