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A review of Jordyn Brooks’ 7 snaps in his NFL debut

Oklahoma v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Though Jordyn Brooks wasn’t a Week 1 starter, and likely won’t be a starter at all as a rookie with two stalwarts in place in Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright, he was able to get on the field for seven defensive snaps in his first career game.

On the Falcons’ third possession, Brooks spelled Wright for two plays to open the drive, before the first quarter ended. Late in the third quarter, Brooks again came in for Wright and played five snaps, culminating in Benson Mayowa’s drive-ending sack on fourth down.

Let’s take a look at each play, with a hat tip to MT Olson for the suggestion.

[ATL 1-10 ATL 25] (:53) B.Hill left guard to ATL 35 for 10 yards (Q.Dunbar)

In Wright’s place, Brooks sees his first snap on the weakside of the formation. The Falcons block tremendously well up front, with Brooks getting washed out as a combo block by left tackle Jake Matthews and tight end Hayden Hurst puts L.J. Collier on the turf, which obstructs Brooks. Hurst then climbs up to engage Brooks, allowing Brian Hill to slip to the second level.

[ATL 1-10 ATL 35] (:20) M.Ryan pass short right to H.Hurst to SEA 38 for 27 yards (S.Griffin)

The defense flows with Atlanta’s play action, with Brooks trailing Gurley into the flat after the play fake. Matt Ryan connects with Hurst deep downfield. The deep connection ended the first quarter, with Wright replacing Brooks to begin the second.

[ATL 1-10 SEA 31] (4:32) M.Ryan pass short middle to T.Gurley to SEA 30 for 1 yard (P.Ford; R.Green)

Brooks is responsible for Todd Gurley, with Wagner trailing fullback Keith Smith into the flat. Ryan quickly dumps it off to Todd Gurley at the line of scrimmage, with Atlanta’s right guard, Chris Lindstrom, climbing to the second level to engage Brooks. Brooks quickly shakes Lindstrom to the turf and rallies to an already corralled Gurley.

[ATL 1-10 SEA 19] (3:16) T.Gurley right tackle to SEA 18 for 1 yard (J.Reed)

Wagner and Brooks both stay clean as Reed makes a good play to defeat his block and meet Gurley in the hole, while Wagner comes in from the side.

[ATL 2-9 SEA 18] (2:38) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass short right to J.Jones to SEA 11 for 7 yards (J.Brooks)

Congratulations on your fifth career snap, Jordyn Brooks, please line up opposite Julio Jones in the redzone. Brooks slips on the turf as he attempts to open up and run with Jones, allowing the future Hall of Famer to make the open catch. After Shaquill Griffin fails to wrap Jones up, Brooks is in good position to get in on the tackle as other defenders rally to the ball.

[ATL 3-2 SEA 11] (1:59) T.Gurley left tackle to SEA 11 for no gain (J.Adams; B.Irvin)

Brooks reads this play really well and does a good job of shifting over another gap at the last second, and would have been in a great position to stuff Gurley short of the first down had Jamal Adams and Bruce Irvin not combined for the tackle already.

[ATL 4-2 SEA 11] (1:16) M.Ryan sacked at SEA 20 for -9 yards (B.Mayowa)

On fourth down, Brooks drops into the middle and slides over as Ryan escapes to try and buy time, before Benson Mayowa lays out for the series ending sack.

On Friday, Pete Carroll mentioned the possibility of Brooks continuing to spell Wright for stretches. With excellent sideline-to-sideline speed and the size to take anyone on, he could find himself spying Cam Newton in certain situations in Week 2—an excellent challenge for the rookie in his second career game.