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SB Nation Reacts: Fans around the NFL can’t wait for Patriots vs. Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

We have another edition of SB Nation Reacts coming your way, and the graph is trending upward for Seattle Seahawks fans.

We’ve held steady around 80% dating back to the start of the offseason, but the dominant win over the Atlanta Falcons puts our confidence in the Seahawks at 98%.

Incidentally, the Atlanta Falcons fans plummeted their confidence down to 15% which is tied for lowest with the Houston Texans.

(Note to self: I think I may monitor the fan confidence +/- throughout the season for opponents when their team loses to the Seahawks.)

In case you’re wondering, the New England Patriots are at 92% confidence, up from 81% prior to their opening day win over the Miami Dolphins. I’m sure the Seahawks can knock that number down a few percentage points with a win on Sunday Night Football.

Speaking of SNF, the national pulling deems our game as the best one by a pretty wide margin. The runner-up is the Ravens at Texans, which CBS decided isn’t even the featured doubleheader late game slot over Chiefs at Chargers. I assume only Broncos fans and Steelers fans voted for Denver at PIttsburgh.

This game looked a lot less appealing when the Pats tentatively had Jarrett Stidham or Brian Hoyer as their quarterback options. Once Cam Newton was signed and then didn’t look washed up in Week 1, I think we knew why NBC banked on this being an early season primetime pick.

Lastly, fantasy football graphic for you! I unfortunately lost by about a quarter of a point in my opener thanks to a garbage time touchdown to Darius Slayton. I left Slayton on the bench and started the Steelers D/ST to make for one miserable Monday night and an 0-1 start. As for who was the biggest surprise? Well that honor goes to Mitchell Trubisky, whose three touchdown passes in the 4th quarter led the Chicago Bears past the Detroit Lions.

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