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Rashaad Penny hopes to return at full strength by midseason

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns’ RB Nick Chubb had himself a day on Thursday night, prompting a great deal of disgruntled reminiscing about the 2018 draft.

Well, the Seattle Seahawks have their own star running back from round one of that same draft, and he is on his way back!

To recap, Penny was absolutely torching defenses for *checks Pro-Football Reference* two games and a play in 2019 before hitting the IR with a heart wrenching torn ACL, among other serious damage to his knee.

Penny has been nearly as maligned a first-round pick as Germain Ifedi, but had truly gained some incredible momentum last season.

Now, Pete Carroll believes his rehab is finally ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, however speedily Penny recovers, he is ineligible to practice until Week 7. Carroll has indicated that Penny may be able to hit the workouts hard before then, joining the team in good shape and with decent strength.

Penny had weight issues his rookie season, leading to speculation about his first-year struggles. It’s encouraging that he seems to have continued the improved fitness he had in his second season.

If he continues, Penny would be able to rejoin the impressive running back squad in time for a brutal stretch against the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals. Not a soft defense among the bunch.

For what it’s worth, the poke at the draft and Nick Chubb was not entirely a red herring. Penny actually boasts a ridiculous 5.3 yards per attempt over his first two seasons. He’s ahead of the now-vaunted Chubb who’s at 5.1 y/a. When Penny is on, he’s been extraordinary. Unfortunately, when he’s not, he has left much to be desired.

Seattle will hope last year was not a fluke, and then they’ll have quite the crowded RB dilemma on their hands come midseason.