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Russell Wilson-David Moore touchdown had a completion probability of 6.3%

NFL: New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of another sparkling performance, Russell Wilson hit David Moore deep with a beautiful pass, resulting in a 38-yard touchdown.

For as good as Wilson’s pass was, Moore’s play on the catch was even better, as he fought off tight coverage, secured the catch, and did wonderfully well to get both feet in bounds.

Not only was Moore’s touchdown catch an unbelievable display of awareness but it was one of the most unlikely receptions over the past three years.

According to Next Gen Stats, the Wilson-Moore touchdown had a completion probability of just 6.3%. Next Gen Stats judges completion probability by “the probability of a pass completion, based on numerous factors such as receiver separation from the nearest defender, where the receiver is on the field, the separation the passer had at time of throw from the nearest pass rusher, and more.”

That makes it the second-most improbable reception since 2018, when Next Gen Stats began tracking the statistic.

Wilson is now responsible for two of the three most improbable completions in the stat’s history, with his touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett on Thursday Night Football against the Rams in 2019 sitting third.

Playing better than ever, Wilson continues to make the improbable look easy—with the stats to back it up.