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Seahawks remain undefeated as rival Niners are injury-plagued

San Francisco 49ers v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Even though the San Francisco 49ers won on Sunday, it’s impossible to miss the fact that they took some major steps back in trying to catch the Seattle Seahawks.

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 was a bad day for famous athletes in the NFL, and the Niners got the worst of it. This comes even before Marquise Blair left with a bad knee injury early in Sunday night’s game.

It all starts with the defense. Richard Sherman hit the IR last week with a calf injury, and now Nick Bosa joins with a torn ACL. Sherman’s absence will be short, but Bosa is now out for the season. That’s San Francisco’s two best defenders gone.

Fellow defensive lineman Solomon Thomas also injured his ACL, but the severity was not as bad as Bosa’s. Whatever that means, it still sends Thomas out for the remainder of the 2020 season as the 49ers line has become - dare I say it - as thin as the Seahawks.

Then, lead running back Raheem Mostert sustained an MCL sprain. It truly was a terrible day for knees in the NFL. Maybe preseason does matter.

If that’s not all, we may actually get an additional sense of how similar Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo may or may not be in the days ahead.

As noted above, prognosis is generally 4-6 weeks out for a high ankle sprain. Seattle fans will remember that Russell Wilson played right through his own significant ankle injury in 2016 without missing a game.

Garoppolo did not return to the game on Sunday and will be worth watching the injury reports as they come out this week.

This has been an absolutely brutal start to the year for the defending Super Bowl runners-up. The game was reminiscent of Seattle’s Thursday Night game against the Arizona Cardinals in 2017 when Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor both ended their seasons.

The Seahawks won’t face the Niners until November 1st, and even if they have Sherman back by then it will be far from a full-strength team.

This could end up being the most painful of Super Bowl hangovers as San Francisco is the only NFC West team with a loss, and plenty of difficult games loom on their horizon.