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Jamal Adams is human after all

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

For two weeks in a row, Jamal Adams has found himself at the top of the defensive box score. No, not the one that’s listed alphabetically, the normal one that goes by tackles.

Double-digit tackles for Adams again, 10 on on the night against the New England Patriots. He also had two QB hits and the only sack for the Seattle Seahawks.

He was once again everywhere, a true star on defense and phenomenal teammate.

But circumstances led him into dangerous waters, almost costing the Seahawks the game. It turns out that Adams may have but one exploitable weakness, and surprise, surprise, Bill Belichick found it.

Long-time Patriots WR Julian Edelman had a career high 179 yards on only eight catches for an absurd 22.4 yards per catch. Jamal Adams’ involvement? Unfortunately, he gave up over 100 of those yards on three plays.


Even against defenders meant to trail receivers for long periods of time, nobody can stay guarded forever. In fact the longest of Edelman’s receptions over Adams came on a scramble drill.

Or, the Seahawks’ opponents version of a scramble drill, which is really just us watching the QB sit in the pocket for about nine seconds while receivers make crap up.

The final big bomb for Edelman was the most disheartening. Adams was on Edelman from the snap, and remained on his outside the entire play. Edelman did little more than drift towards the center and found himself wide open to the one-yard line.

Now, these plays were Jamal Adams’ fault but the scenario itself was not. Adams took credit for the 49-yarder, and Pete Carroll said that he had “some football to be cleaned up.”

However, the chances that Seattle finds themselves in this particular situation is almost nonexistent. I propose these _____ things all had to happen for things to go so poorly for Adams:

  • Primary free safety gone (Quandre Diggs ejection)
  • Second free safety gone (Marquise Blair injury)
  • Pass rush more depleted than normal (Bruce Irvin late-game departure, Rasheem Green out)
  • Bill Belichick and company specifically and repeatedly finding ways to get one of the shiftiest NFL slot receivers in one-on-one matchups
  • Split duties as spy against one of the league’s most elusive mobile quarterbacks

It was approaching a perfect storm of problems, which is not ever what you want going against the Patriots. Fortunately, this defense actually has plenty of playmakers, and Adams remained dominant in the other parts of the game in which he always excels.

Glad we can always count on Belichick to do what he do, and for putting it on film now for the rest of the league. Adams is not a coverage liability, but this just set up perfectly against him.

Quandre Diggs will not be suspended and will be back in the fold next week. Having him in the middle should free Adams up to wreck once again, and keep those pesky tiny guys out of the deep middle.

The Seahawks will face yet another high-passing team next week in the Dallas Cowboys. I fully expect Adams will not have the same type of showing next Sunday.