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Seahawks tried to sign Randy Moss before run to Super Bowl XLVIII

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As everyone remembers, Percy Harvin’s debut season with the Seahawks did not go as planned. The offensive chess piece underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in late July, made his debut in Week 11 before being forced out because of his hip, then suffered a concussion in the divisional round.

What we didn’t know until now was that Seattle attempted to replace Harvin in the lineup with an even bigger name. Appearing on Russell Wilson’s podcast, DangerTalk, Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss told Wilson that Seahawks GM John Schneider called him about coming to Seattle after Harvin got hurt (though it’s unclear if this followed Harvin’s hip flare-up after Week 11 or the concussion suffered in the divisional round).

“Listen, I had an opportunity Russ, I had an opportunity to come and play with you guys. Listen to me. I had an opportunity. Schneider tried to bring me off the rack,” Moss told Wilson.

The all-time great went on to explain why it didn’t happen, saying, “Percy had just got hurt. So I get a call, I’m working for FOX. I’m working out, but I’m not training. I stopped training three weeks prior, because I said ‘You know what, I’m going to keep training because if a team would want to pick me up going into the playoffs, I would honor that.’ So he called me and told me Percy got hurt and the guys would be ecstatic if you came through the locker room.”

Moss said that, while it was an honor and he appreciated the call, he knew he was not physically ready. This was just a year after the legendary wideout played all 19 games for the 49ers in a season that ended with a Super Bowl loss to the Ravens.

While Moss’s contributions would have certainly been limited in Seattle, Wilson sounded devastated to miss out on the chance, saying, “Now I’m going to have dreams of playing with Randy Moss in my lifetime.”

Hopefully, Wilson can find solace in the Super Bowl ring he earned that season.