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Seahawks undefeated letting Russell Wilson throw at highest rate in the league

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Dallas Cowboys 38-31 in a thrilling Week 3 victory that saw Russell Wilson and the offense put 38 points on the board for the second time in three games. The team opened the season by scoring 38 and 35 points against the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, respectively, and currently sport the second highest scoring offense in the NFL behind only the Green Bay Packers.

And they’ve done it in possibly the least Pete Carroll manner imaginable.

In short, the Seahawks have ditched the run game in favor of slinging the ball all over the field in neutral situations. Rushing, of course, carries value, but right now the Seattle offense is as close to unstoppable as offenses come. So far this season the Hawks are averaging almost eight yards per play every time Russell Wilson drops back to pass, and as the team continues to experience success moving the ball, there’s no reason to expect that to change.

Basically, the Seahawks appear to have realized that Russell Wilson is one off the most dangerous weapons available to any team in the NFL, and when he is unleashed on opponents, there’s not a lot that defenses can do to stop him.

Specifically, in Week 4 Wilson and Seattle will take a trip to the most distant opponent to which they can possibly travel, the Miami Dolphins. The Hawks seem likely to look to enjoy the sun of South Florida, but perhaps more enjoyable will be watching the team’s offense getting to enjoy the comforts of playing against the Dolphins pass defense.