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The Field Gulls 2020 53 Man Roster Armchair GM Challenge

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The summer is coming to a close, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean that students are returning to school, it does mean that by 4 PM New York Time Saturday, all NFL teams must trim the roster down to 53 players. That means that fans may need to be prepared for some of their favorite members of the Seattle Seahawks could potentially find themselves playing for a different team before the end of the weekend. However, regardless of how John Schneider and Pete Carroll decide to shape the roster, Field Gulls readers will have a chance to show off their expertise when it comes to projecting the roster with the first ever Field Gulls 53 Man Roster Armchair GM Challenge.

Now, while I do take on a lot of work, I’m not about to grade a couple hundred submissions of 53 players each, so this challenge will be a bit different. The challenge is comprised of twenty questions, each of which carries a different point value. The questions start at 40 points, and then go down sequentially to 21 points, along with two tiebreakers in case more than one submission finish with identical scores. If the tiebreakers are the same for multiple parties, I’ll simply choose the user I like best as the winner.

In any case, for those racing to jump right in, click here to access the submission form.

For those who would like a little more information before just jumping right in, the questions come in a variety of different forms. Some of them are short answer questions simply looking for a number, some are multiple choice and others require respondents to choose any of a number of responses.

As an example, the questions progress through the majority of the positions groups and require users to project how many players the team will keep at the position. How many running backs will the team keep? Will both DeeJay Dallas and Travis Homer be kept as depth behind Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde? Will Nick Bellore be kept? Other questions ask to project which fringe players at a position group are likely to make the initial 53 man roster, with a couple of basic multiple choice questions thrown in.

There are, of course, some basic rules:

  • Submissions close at 11 AM New York Time on Saturday, September 5
  • Users may make multiple submissions, but only the last submission from an individual user will have a score tabulated
  • The only players considered to be on the roster for this contest are those 53 players who will make up the roster as of 4 PM Saturday. Thus, if there is a trade in the works that has been announced, any Seahawks traded do not count, nor do any players on the PUP, NFI or Commissioner’s Exempt List.
  • Any players added in trade where the outgoing compensation is solely in the form of draft picks will be counted in their position group, even if they later fail their physical or the trade is otherwise scuttled.
  • Transactions made on Sunday or Monday do not matter for the purpose of this competition. This competition is to predict the roster as it will exist for a brief moment in time on Saturday at the cut deadline, without regard for any waiver claims, adjustments or other moves that may take place prior to the Week 1 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.

Anyone with other questions may feel free to ask in the comments, and so without wasting any more time, CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ENTRY FORM.