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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson wins Offensive Player of the Week. Again.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday the Seattle Seahawks eked out a 38-31 win over the Dallas Cowboys that likely should not have been as close as the final score indicated. The Seattle defense struggled, in part due to injuries and in part due to defenses across the league struggling early in the season after having no offseason to work together and no preseason games in which to gain familiarity with assignments and obligations. However, regardless of why defenses across the league are struggling, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson appears happy to take advantage of those struggles, and for the second time in three weeks he’ll be bringing home hardware.

Wilson right now is treating NFL defenses like he’s playing Madden on rookie mode, as he lit up the Cowboys secondary by completing 27 of 40 passes (67.5%) for 315 yards and 5 touchdowns. His play is so lights out that nobody has even noticed that the Seahawks offensive line has been flagged for more penalties through the first three weeks of the season than in any year since 2013. It’s possible that’s because first and forever is irrelevant when the Seattle offense is averaging almost eight yards per play every time Wilson drops back to pass, a number that includes sacks and incompletions.

In any case, while the Seahawks now sit atop the NFC West undefeated after both the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams lost in Week 3, Wilson has now won Offensive Player of the Week honors as many times this season as any other NFC West team has actually won a game. If not for Greg Olsen failing to catch a pass that hit him right in the hands, Wilson might be three for three when it comes to winning NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. It’s a pretty impressive feat for a game manager who has been carried by Marshawn Lynch and the Legion of Boom for the duration of his career.

In Week 4 Wilson will get a chance to make it three of four when he faces off against the secondary of the Miami Dolphins, which is, frankly, not great, which should give Russ at least a realistic shot at winning for a third time already this season.