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Brian Schottenheimer out as Seahawks offensive coordinator: Instant reaction podcast

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Almost exactly ten years to the day that Pete Carroll fired Jeremy Bates as his first Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator, the same has happened to Brian Schottenheimer.

Due to apparent “philosophical differences” between Schotty and Carroll, there will be a new OC in town for the 2021 season after three years with Schottenheimer. I don’t think anyone expected things would end this way after the success of the “Let Russ Cook” offense through early November, but a sharp downturn late in the season (with Carroll admitting he meddled in the offense after Russell Wilson’s turnover problem) proved to be critical in this departure.

Our own John Gilbert joined former Field Gulls managing editor Kenneth Arthur to talk about the Seahawks firing Brian Schottenheimer on Tuesday, as Kenneth predicted in the Seaside Joe newsletter on Sunday. (You should subscribe to that, by the way)

Together they discuss:

- Why now?

- What this situation has in common with the Eagles and Doug Pederson

- A terrible 12-year record as offensive coordinator

- What’s next for Seahawks?

- Pete has no “cool” coaching connections

- Russell Wilson’s involvement

- Playcalling tendencies under Schottenheimer

The video is below and considering I’ve done Kenneth’s show on camera three times over the past month, now you get to see what John looks like.