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Sam’s Film Room: How the Rams shut down the Seahawks’ offense once again

The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the wildcard round of the playoffs. This was probably the most painful game of the weekend. It was a defensive game from start to finish and two costly turnovers by the Seahawks helped the Rams win this one. The storyline from this game wasn’t about a single play or single moment. What really stood out to me was the utter and complete collapse of the Seahawks offense. Was it on Russell Wilson? Was the Rams’ defense just that good? What about Brian Schottenheimer? Was his offense just that easy to defend?

In this video, I discussed this game and I gave my answers to the following questions. First, the Rams’ defense, with their pass rushers like Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd and having a guy like Jalen Ramsey really does make them good. They can create pressure from a four-man rush while playing sound technique in coverage. The other thing the Rams’ defense did well was that they game-planned to eliminate the Seahawks’ main formation: Shotgun trips to the field side. This completely eliminated certain players like DK Metcalf and on plays when they didn’t bracket cover him, Ramsey would shadow him one-on-one.

The final thing I’ll say is that Russell Wilson was also to blame for this loss, but it wasn’t entirely on him. Anybody that says that is 100% wrong. He was given little time, his wide receivers couldn’t separate, his tight ends dropped passes, and he was under pressure on more than 50% of his pass attempts. This is a ridiculous percentage. Without some of his big plays, the Seahawks would have been shut out.

Overall, the person I blame the most is Brian Schottenheimer. I think his game plan was awful. No tempo. No half time adjustments. And the constant use of that shotgun trips formation that the Rams completely figured out. It was painful to watch. He never adjusted to what the Rams did and this showed up all over the second half of the season.

This video is over 12 minutes long. I hope you (begrudgingly) enjoy it!

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