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Report: Panthers expected to hire Seahawks Scott Fitterer

Scott Fowler: If the Panthers have a plan for how they will rebuild, they’re not saying what it is
Marty Hurney out, Scott Fitterer in, per reports
David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Thursday represents just the fifth day of the 2021 offseason for the Seattle Seahawks, however, it’s been an eventful week that keeps seeing turnover with the team. Tuesday the Hawks fired offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, Wednesday announced the signing of twelve players to future contracts and on Thursday reports emerged that the front office is likely to lose a key member to the Carolina Panthers.

Scott Fitterer is a long time tenured members of the Seahawks front office, having originally joined the organization nearly two decades ago in 2001. He was promoted into his current position just last year, having been the co-director of player personnel previously, and is now reportedly set to be in charge of the roster for the rebuilding Panthers. He’s obviously been through a lot with the Seahawks organization, including getting to experience all three trips to the Super Bowl, as well as the Jim Mora Jr. era, if one can call a single season an era.

In any case, huge thanks are in order for his work during his time in Seattle, along with wishes for future success in Carolina, except for when the Panthers play the Seahawks.