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Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley hired by Chargers as head coach

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Scrimmage Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Staley thoroughly owned the Seattle Seahawks offense for all but a handful of possessions across three matchups in the 2020 season, but thankfully the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator is leaving after just one season.

I didn’t see that coming, either. That Staley was a head coach candidate was one thing but this was kept under wraps pretty damn well and now the Chargers have their replacement for Anthony Lynn.

The Rams had the #1 scoring defense and improved from 9th in DVOA to 4th. By EPA/play they ranked #1 in the regular season and don’t the Seahawks know that all too well. While it is true that the Rams have Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey, they were one of the most consistent performing groups in the NFL and only the Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers were able to score 30+ against them. Only the Packers gashed them on the ground in Saturday’s playoff game.

Hopefully Sean McVay hires someone incompetent and that defense can be a little less frightening next season. I’m not banking on that but I can dream, right?