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Report: Seahawks have spoken to Adam Gase regarding offensive coordinator spot

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

It has not even been a full week since the Seattle Seahawks and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer split up, but multiple big names have already been reported to have been linked to the position. First it was former Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn who was linked to the position, and then it was former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson who was reported to have spoken to the Hawks about the job. Monday a third recently fired head coach was reported to have discussed the opening with the team.

Adam Gase, of course, is not just the former head coach of the New York Jets, as he was previously the offensive coordinator for the highest scoring offense in league history up until his Denver Broncos offense was obliterated by the Legion of Boom in the 43-8 beat down that is known as Super Bowl XLVIII. Whether this is simply the team exploring options or actually reaching out to Gase to discuss the position in earnest remains to be seen, but the common thread of the team interviewing former head coaches is certainly continuing.

That said, for those wondering why the Seahawks would speak to Mike Kafka, but not Eric Bienemy of the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s a structural matter. As a quarterbacks coach, Kafka would be able to leave Kansas City to take a position as the offensive coordinator with another team because that represents a promotion for him. Bienemy, on the other hand, would not be afforded such an opportunity because he is already in the position of being an offensive coordinator, and the league does not allow lateral transfers without the team from which the hire is being made granting permission first.