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Jamal Adams racked up a ton of injuries throughout the season

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jamal Adams missed more time this season than he had prior, but apparently it could have been far more.

Adams had two surgeries this week, claiming there were even more lingering injuries he played through. The new star safety for the Seattle Seahawks took to social media to express his situation and emotional state.

** The following image is slightly altered as to not basically show the bone and all sorts of gnarly stuff, but it’s everywhere if that’s your thing **

Adams apparently sustained four injuries in the first three games:

  • Hyperextended elbow
  • Dislocated ring finger
  • Dislocated middle finger
  • Strained groin

In the final game of the regular season he dislocated his shoulder on a pass rush against the San Francisco 49ers.

Early fears were that a dislocation would do some sort of ligament damage, and that was indeed the case as he played through a torn labrum.

The two surgeries were to repair his shoulder and both fingers.

Adams, who seems to play and live with the same impossibly high energy, said “all of you are on my list” in regards to any doubts sent his way. He’ll obviously be fired up to play a healthy contract year for a division champion in 2021.