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SB Nation Reacts: NFL fans think we’ll see a Bills vs. Packers Super Bowl

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Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

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While the Seahawks are diving into the offseason and interviewing and talking to everyone for the offensive coordinator job, the playoffs continue this weekend. It’s time for the Conference Championship round, which one day the Seahawks will reach once more, but not for at least another year.

As for the 2021 edition, according to the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, the Green Bay Packers should face the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl.

Now the caveat here is that we closed the voting on Tuesday when Patrick Mahomes’ status was still uncertain. He is cleared to play and will start on Sunday afternoon, but the Chiefs have been narrowly winning so many games over the past couple of months that at some point that well will run dry, right? Right?! It could be the Bills’ year!

The Packers were selected as the team most likely to win the Super Bowl of the remaining four teams, with 36 percent of the vote. However, they were followed by the Kansas City Chiefs, who despite being picked to lose their game against the Bills, earned slightly more total vote with 27 percent over Buffalo’s 26 percent. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers received the least amount of votes. So in other words, more people who picked the Chiefs to win the AFC CG and the Super Bowl than picked the Bills to win the AFC CG and then the Super Bowl. A lot of you have counted out Touchdown Tom.

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