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Report: Seahawks to snag another Rams coach to be Run Game Coordinator

Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

When the Seattle Seahawks did not immediately hire a new offensive coordinator in the wake of mutually parting ways with Brian Schottenheimer, many fans began to fret that the team would be left with only undesirable candidates. However, much to the delight of many Hawks fans, earlier this week reports emerged that the Seahawks were expected to hire Shane Waldron, who had been the Passing Game Coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in recent seasons.

Those reports led to all kinds of questions regarding much of the rest of the offensive coaching staff, particularly who would be in charge of the offensive line and take over for the recently departed Brennan Carroll as Run Game Coordinator? Fans got their answers to that question on Thursday.

The first question fans will ask is what this means in terms of how much change there will be immediately to the offensive line and to the run game, and the answer is that at this point that remains unclear. Specifically, Andy Dickerson has been an assistant offensive line coach for the Rams since 2012, meaning that he was an assistant for all three years of Schottenheimer’s tenure as offensive coordinator for the Rams in St. Louis, and then was retained by Jeff Fisher as an assistant offensive line coach under Rob Boras in 2015 and 2016.

Then, even as the Rams turned over much of their offensive coaching staff when Sean McVay arrived in 2017, Dickerson was able to keep his role and spent the last four seasons as an assistant offensive line coach under Aaron Kromer. That means the Seahawks new run game coordinator should be able to bring a diverse rushing attack that should incorporate much of what has been used by the Hawks in recent seasons, as well as integrate more of the wide zone concepts around which Los Angeles has built their run game over the past four seasons.

As Waldron continues to build out his coaching staff for 2021, Field Gulls will be here to keep readers informed.