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Russell Wilson got his guy according to report

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

There won’t be any NFL football to watch this weekend for the first time since Labor Day weekend back in September, but there is plenty of news surrounding the Seattle Seahawks to keep fans excited as the true start of the offseason looms. Specifically, the Hawks have reportedly replaced Brian Schottenheimer with Shane Waldron of the Los Angeles Rams, and are now set to build out the offensive coaching staff.

The hiring of Waldron has many fans excited, as it’s the type of young, innovative mind they have been hoping to see the team bring in for Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense. One could also argue it represented a significant change of direction for the Hawks after the initial series of names linked to the open offensive coordinator position were rather uninspiring. As soon as the Hawks and Schotty mutually parted ways, fans began to clamor for the names they wanted to see linked to the position. However, initially many of the names, including Anthony Lynn, Adam Gase and Kirby Wilson, left fans underwhelmed.

Then, after more than a week and a half things took a turn when a pair of the names fans had hoped to hear were linked to the job.

New names being added to the search a week and a half in added a different feel to things. Specifically, the shift went from established playcallers to young up and comers with no readily apparent connection to Pete Carroll, and that had a certain feel to it. Namely, that they weren’t guys whose names Pete had put on the list.

Thursday, that suspicion was given credence by Brock Huard during an interview with 710 ESPN Seattle.

For those who don’t wish to click through and take the time to read the entire article, the following is the key point it makes:

“I’ll say this: Before the hire was made, before that news came out, there were a number of different people that said to me this was Russell’s guy,” Huard said. “That as Russell consulted – I don’t know if he sat in the Zoom meetings with all of the different candidates or they narrowed it down and it came to a (down) to a few (choices) – this was one that he was very excited about. That if Russell Wilson had any say in it or had a vote in it, this would be the guy that he ended up getting very, very comfortable with.”

So, the Seahawks now have an offensive coordinator, and at least according to Brock Huard, Russell Wilson is as excited about the hire as many fans are. Now fans just have to wait six and a half months until the Hawks take the field for their first preseason game, assuming there are preseason games next season.