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So about that play to David Moore...

Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

When Nick Bellore recovered that onside kick to clinch the Seattle Seahawks’ 26-23 win over the San Francisco 49ers, the assumption for anyone sensible was that we’d see victory formation and that’s it. The 49ers had no timeouts so the win is secured.

...Then the Seahawks called a pop pass to David Moore, who ran out of bounds to stop the clock.


Russell Wilson took a knee on the next play and that was that.

Watching it unfold you could only conclude that there was something at stake incentives wise for either Russell Wilson or David Moore... perhaps even both. Wilson came up a few yards short of breaking his own single-season passing yards mark, but Moore actually did have something at stake.

You see, Moore entered Week 17 with 34 catches. He wasn’t even targeted for the entire game until that final play, which got him to 35. Well that was the magic mark for Moore to meet his incentive and receive a bonus.

Good for Moore and good for the Seahawks running something that has an extraordinarily small chance of something screwy happening. I just wish the offense had functioned better sooner so that it didn’t have to come down to that for Moore to get that 35th catch.